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how do you make a banana milk shake?
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Unit7 How do you make a banana milk shake?

. Teaching Aims and Demands

1. Knowledge Objects

Key vocabulary

Target language

Writing practice

2. Ability Objects

Sequencing skill

Writing skill

Cooperating skill

3. Moral Object

Knowing that it is not easy to be a chef. There is a lot of fun in cooking.

. Teaching Key Points.

1. Key vocabulary

shake, blender, turn on, cut up, peel, pour

2. Target language

How do you make a banana milk shake?

Peel the banana.

Cut up the banana.

Put the banana and ice cream into the blender

Pour the milk into the blender.

Turn on the blender.

 = 3 \* ROMAN III. Teaching Methods.

   Watching and describing methods

   Writing method


 = 4 \* ROMAN IV. Teaching procedures.

   Step1. Greet the class as usual and show a short video.

   Step2. Learn the following new words with the help of the pictures while showing them on the screen.

milk shake  奶昔

blender     搅拌器

turn on     打开

cut up      切碎



putinto    放…里









Point to the picture and name of all items and ask student to repeat in variety way.

Step3. Show the ingredients of making a banana milk shake.(milk, banana, ice cream)

      Let student discuss in group, finding the connection between the actions and the ingredients.

      Read the sentences one by one. Teacher checks the answers.

Step4. Two groups of student actor how to make a banana milk shake and put these sentences in right order. The answers are not only one.

      Read these sentences in group.

Step5. Point out the blank in the picture. Ask students to fill the blanks on their own. Ask one student writes on the blackboard. Check the answers.

Step6. Today we have learned some names of food. And we also learned how to make a banana milk shake. Someday after class if you want to drink something special one, not by your mother or father, but by you. And we know it is not easy to be a chef. But still there is a lot of fun in cooking.

Step7. Homework

      Writing a sequence of making a strew berry milk shake.

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